Thursday, 25 February 2010

long time since last post - I am still here - have had health problems but had op week and a half ago and am en route to getting back to normal if that term has ever applied to me - lol!!!!!

Have just been sat sorting out this years calendar - not having a holiday as such - just lots of minibreaks - gawd now I sound like Bridget Jones - I love those films!

Have managed to get free tickets to Ideal Home Exhibition next month so am looking forward to that. Just booked aqua sana day for hubby and I at Centre Parcs Sherwood Forrest - - cant wait - its fab! What else or yes going to use my Tesco Points to get Merlin Tickets - annoyting thing is though I am 1.50 short of points for getting all 4 through them - so am going to have to buy 1 pass - heck! Oh well

Hope everyone in blogland is ok - am off work until Monday - my mate is coming tomorrow and we are having a craft day - I may get a bit of practise in today ready - Have a good day!