Friday, 21 March 2008

Easter Cards

Here are a few cards that I made last night - dh was on a night out - kids in bed so I actually got to really play - glitters - inks and more - I just so love getting messy - yikes!! (its the necesssary cleaning up afterwards that isnt so much fun!!! lol!)

Have just discovered the daring card makers blog and they are looking for Easter Cards so thought I would enter my humble few

The above two were done with crystal glitter and shimmer paints (the pink and green bits) dont think these scans actually do them much justice, have used some basic grey paper (just LURVE Basic Grey!!!)and the egg template is from a very kind lady called Nina on UKS template section She really is a kind lady - its amazing the wonderful people you meet on scrapping forums.

Went to the NEC last week and bought the new software for the Craft RObo - Design Master - I know you can get really into these programs if you are really up on computers and maybe if I had a little time I would but for the moment I will be quite happy playing with titles and welding words and I am so chuffed as I have been able to do that - the wording on the third card is one of my firsts attempts at welding - but am just so relieved that my little robo will now start getting used a little more

The next two have been cut on the CR - template again from the UKS template section you Lesley. I really enjoyed colouring these in and again shimmer paints for the background

I think I am going to give these to my children when we do their Easter Egg Hunt. They love taking part in this - we hide the eggs all over the garden up trees - behind plant pots etc etc - so lets hope the weather lifts or our eggs will either be very wet or will have to bring the hunt indoors - whatever you are all doing - HAPPY EASTER!!!

Thursday, 20 March 2008


I saw the challenge on Arty Girlz and was really excited - I got a book from Mum and Dad at Christmas all about doodling so wanted to play - heres what I came up with

Monday, 17 March 2008

I have been experimenting with...

Inks, embossing, stamping - distressing - heres some of what I have made - the one below is for the Arty Girls stars challenge

then this one is way overdue for a challenge on Scrapitude for embossing

this one was just for fun and because I was in the stamping and colouring mood - I had treated myself to some new stamps from HOTP

Heres a late one for the scrapitude photocard challenge

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Scrapping the Music

Through Scrapitude I have found this gorgeous blog and have decided at the eleventh hour to have a go at the challenge this week - may be too late for uploading not sure but here goes
the music is so cool!! - Everyones work is so amazing - shall certainly be back to see what next weeks challenge is!

Looking at my piccie of the layout the scan has missed a little of the bottom work off - It says A Womans Work is FUN!

Friday, 7 March 2008


MMMMMM!!! Today my little girl E and I made flapjacks - yummy scrummy flapjacks - took one lot to a close friend who was poorly and we had another lot for tea - leaves one last batch for tomorrow - lush!!

It has been quite a sociable day today I loaned my Big Shot to a friend this morning and naturally had a cuppa cha n a chat whilst I was showing her how to use it - picked Mum up at lunchtime and then went to see my friend above - had a couple of hours with her and then after collecting D from school called in at another friends to drop off a birthday pressie - so another cuppa and a goss. Very sociable!

Have made a couple of cards for a couple of yummy challenges on the tinternet and thats about it for me - I went back to work last night to catch up and ended up finishing at 1 this morning - I am pooped!! Here's my squares one for PaperTakeWeekly

and here is my spring card forthe Arty Girlz challenge

in fact heres another one too - once I got going I couldn't stop

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

This fabby award was given to me by Jane - a good friend of mine from Scrapitude - thank you so much mate - very kind of you - you have often made my day too when chatting on the forum - you have often been the one to answer my ramblings and never once made me feel daft - bless ya hun so heres my list of who I want to give the award to you and of course the first person has to be

Jane so here you are hun right back to you..

and then one lady I would really like to thank for taking me under her wing and helping me sort my blog out - a lady who certainly has bags of patience..................


then to the organisers on arty girlz ..

for arranging the competition where I - believe it or not - yes me - I won some stamps - am still so darned excited about it and also thanks to

Sally who donated the prize - very kind of you hun

So thank you everyone - for making my day this week - huge hugs to you all

Hope I have done this right - have never done anything like it before

Sunday, 2 March 2008

caardvarks challenge

Had fun playing with this card - hmm making a card without using any patterned paper - interesting I thought - have never done it without ANY patterned before - a little tiny weeny bit but never none at all - so off I went to have a play - inks, stamps, flowers, paper tearing and oh yes more inks - I just love getting messy - anyway heres my result - off to try and upload it now

My Scrap Room

I thought I would load a couple of piccies of my scrap room before it all gets the lived in look - this is my sanctuary. Practically everything is from Ikea - my pc desk is from the Mickaels range and the desk I scrap on is one with trestle legs(my printer sats on here - tucked away nicely) and the top has a light box fitted which I have to say although I dont use it to trace things - the light that it sends up onto your work is great - easier on the peepers. My unit is from the Expedit range - the 5 box by 5 box one - with Lekman boxes and some baskets that I can't remember the name of . The smaller baskets on the top are from Tesco. The shelves are from the Lack range which complements the Expedit nicely.

Mothers Day

I have been spoilt today - woken at 0730 by dh and the children - breakfast in bed (the toast had been stamped with a love heart saying with love in the middle) - gorgeous cards and pressies - Daniel had made me a cross stitch bookmark at school and Emmie had helped Daddy make me a pot with a paper flower in it - I got flowers and a heart full of ferreo rochers - sad muppet that I am - as I am opening it I thought hmm wonder if I can use my alcy inks on that - bit of ribbon and Bobs your uncle. I also got a triple cd called the Power Of Love - it is full of fantastic songs...Heres some that are on the list

Damn I wish I was your lover

Sweet Talkin' Woman

White Wedding

You took the words right out of my mouth

Eye of the tiger

It is brilliant - deffo one for the car - that way I can listen to it lots putting me in a good mood for the day. I dont know if you can see from the piccie but one of the best things was a message from Daniel saying You Stole My Heart - Bless him

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Arty Miss Circle Challenge

Have been playing tonight with my scraps of paper and have come up with this for the circles challenge over on Arty Miss - if I can figure out how to get this onto their site - as you can see I am not brilliant at the old technical side of things - but a wonderful lady called Jay from UKS has been helping me - so very kind - so Jay if you are reading this - thank you for taking me under your wing.
Have been busy today - had a really good sort out in my craft room - got some new shelves last weekend from Ikea to match my expedit unit so have been rehoming and labelling etc etc - very therapeutic and then tonight we went bowling - I actually got a few strikes which is very unusual for me - I am normally rubbish compared with dh and the children - they normally beat me hands down!!!
My lovely postie delivered some new stamps today and I have not had chance to play yet so I am going to go and see if I can upload my cards for the challenge and then I am off to have a dabble.