Friday, 21 January 2011

Lissy Lous Giveway and Garden Peas and Fleas too

If you head on over to Lissy Lous 2 year giveaway blog - you can see how fab her site is and how lovely her giveaway is - good luck all and dont foget to take time to have a good old browse around her site - its well worth it!
Lissy Lou's fabby blog

and whilst on my blog hopping travels also came across the Garden Peas and Fleas lady - her button is here - the button picture may not work but the link does and she too is having a giveaway - why not pop over and introduce yourself

Monday, 17 January 2011

Do you want to help a very worthwhile charity and ....Do you like Cath Kidston!!!!!!

If you head on over to this ladies wonderful blog - she is holding a charity raffle with all proceeds going to Alzheimers Charity - a very worthwhile one I bet you agree. 

The fab prizes are Cath Kidston - ....

My absolute favourite!!!!!!!  What a wonderful lady - she does all sorts for Charity!  Have only just discovered her blog but am loving it!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

valentines swap

Well Happy New Year to all out there in Blog land - sorry I have been absent for a wee while - ok quite a while - have been mega busy chaning jobs and then had wretched flu for a while - anyway here I am again - if there is anyone there still reading - if not I shall carry on in my own little world

but for those that do pop by - I have been directed to a lovely lady's web site - and she has a fab swap coming up - how lovely to have something to look forward to after taking all the decorations down