Sunday, 15 January 2012

First post of 2012 - Extension Update

Well first of all - I must apologise - this is my first post of 2012 - well first one I have actually put some text in. There have been a few piccies captured here but nothing else. Wow the last few months have been hectic - our extension began in Oct and the Builders left about 3 days before Christmas.

I have found out that I dont cope well with mess. We had the new extension which is now a Kitchen/Family Room and then my old Kitchen and Craft Room were knocked into one large room. The Building Inspector had us take the floor up in the conservatory and put the new drains under there rather than go up the front garden and across to the side - said it was too long a run. So we had all the builders and the electrician, the plumber and the carpenter all here doing their own things.

We had to empty the old Kitchen and my Craft Room. The Convseratory had to have everything pushed to one side and everything covered with plastic. So we had things stacked up all over the house boxes and boxes and more boxed of my craft supplies - never realised just how much I have acquired over the years and to be honest I cant wait to get back and play with it all but I have a way to go yet before that can happen.  I had pots, pan, dished and oodles and oodles of food stacked up in my sons room and he slept in with me - hubby slept on our sofa - good job its very roomy and comfy - he was leaving home at 5 in the morning so sleeping there he didnt disturb anyone (he often gets up part way through the night if he cant settle and goes and lies on there - we have a quilted throw that I made which he keeps on the back and he or the children often snuggle in it) a few piccies of the process
obviously here is the before shot...we took the whole wall out to a metre before the path (other side of the hedge) My 7 yr old daughter and I took the hedge out the night before the buidlers arrived.  I was doing it and she came out and wanted to help - she was amazing - dont know where she got her strength from but she wanted to help Mummy and help she did!

We wondered how far down the Building Inspector would make us dig and much of an impact it would have on our budget - we were advised the best thing to do was have a test dig for £40 and then the Inspector came and have a peek at it. Well we were already thinking at least 900mm - we had to go 1300 and ahve the conifers in the back garden removed - ending up pushing the budget up £1300. Here is Daddy, Daniel and Emily having a closer look
Course Mummy had to get in on the action too!
..and so the big day arrived - the children were so excited and wanted to watch
Here we are standing looking out of what was the front Lounge window - yes I know Emmie and I were not ready for the day yet - I am of course sporting a sexy nighty from M and S, think Em had just got out of the shower - Daniel was the only one dressed!
This used to be the side of the bungalow - we took the stone off and reused it at the front - apparently it stopped being made in the 1980's and I really wanted it to look as if it was meant to be there so we reused it on the front and then got a close match for the side. Anyway the piccie below is just before they broke through to the house - we have two openings double sliding doors into the lounge and then dont know if you can see the cut line at the back which goes into the new playroom/craftroom - along with the two veluxes - hoping for a nice bright room

Some time passed then we finally had walls front doors minus the glass and a roof minus the tiles - my oh my was it cold for a couple of nights as the builders had broken through to the extension but the tiles were not yet on.  The children and I came in from school went straight into my bedroom and put the electric blanket on along with the tv and thats pretty much where we stayed!

Looking out through the front doors
and towards the back
Fast forward about 2 1/2 months - the builders left a ccouple of days before Christmas and I finally managed to get the Christmas Tree up in there

Well to present day - the Builders and the Electrician were here this morning doing a couple of final bits and the floor fitters are here too hence the mess but hope you get a bit of an idea - I will post a few completely finished photos when it is finally done
Ignore the table - we had to put it somewhere when we emptied the Kitchen for the floor to be fitted

I have got the gate to paint yet and the little side return - I have painted the inside Culprinol Lavender and the outside Green - wasnt sure the neighbours would like looking at purple fencing - lol!