Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cath Kidston Sew Book and Shed Envy!!!

A few piccies to share with you today - this is Toby - I am brand new to sewing - really not sure which way is which but enjoying the journey - MOST OF THE TIME!!!  Well I traced this lettle fella from this Cath Kidston Book- and sat all day attaching my tracing to various bits of fabric and then cutting out and sewing - I am really chuffed with how he has turned out - havent got any further though as in I havent attached him to anything other than my scanner that sits on my desk at work in my office - he sits there and makes me smile when I look across - I wonder if visitors to our office puzzle over why this crazy lady has him sitting peeking out the scanner - but hey do I care - he makes me smile and that is what matters!!!!!
 Ok on to my table now I hope you will bear with me - this is what it looked like a couple of weeks ago - along with the accompanying chairs. Here's me thinking I will take before and after pictures...oops nope I have just gone to view my piccies and  have realised I have taken the before of the table....
and an after of the chair so am slapping my wrists and promise when I get a mo I will take a follow up of the table but until then - here is the chair

I have gone with Culprinol Garden Shades - Lavender and Country Cream. I have done the garden bench that sits at the front of our home and the table and one chair out the back - still no I am not going to count how many more chairs I have to do - need some better weather before I pick my paint brush up again - would love to do the garden shed too - have serious garden shed envy after seeing some of these........

this ladys blog is here

Then I found these on the google

then onto one of most favourites - you will need to click on the link but it is sooooo worth it - shed envy - whoa - where do I start

Did you visit - did you - wasnt it just soooo worth it!!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams: Peace For Andrew#links

I visited this beautiful blog this evening and ready a very heartwarming story of something thats recently happened - I went to leave a comment on the blog and unintentionally created a link - pop over and have a read though - it really is beautiful

Sweet Cottage Dreams: Peace For Andrew#links

gulp what a beautiful moment - my nephew is serving out there at the moment - my sister is worried sick - I join you in praying for peace and for our soldiers safe return!

Best wishes


Thursday, 26 May 2011


Have you seen this wonderful blog - the lovely lady over there hosts Transformation Thursday - it sounds like such fun so I have for the first time uploaded a piccie to take part...yikes a little nervous!

Transformation Thursday

A little while ago I was given by a very kind lady this..completely free!!!

I got to work on it straightaway - sanding and priming and then got out the Farrow and Ball Dimity Paint - first attempt too.  Here is how it turned out....

and close up

I just love the green and white spotty paper - my favourite!!!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nothing short of fantastic

Do you like the photos - well they are definitely not mine - oh my oh my oh my I wish they were!!!!!

Have they wet your appetite well can I tell you about something that has just happened something so wonderful - so small to a lot of folk but to me - I thought wow - technology is amazing - I came across this most amazing blog - and thought totally wow wow wow - the photos are adorable - so inspirational - but it is a german blog - now I know I lived there for 3 years but heck my german was at best very very rusty and that was then so now - well I didnt have a lot of hope but I wanted to add it to my favourites just so I could look at the beautiful photos - the colours the softness - the ideas - and if by magic - I noticed at the top of the screen a button had appeared and it said translate - so what the heck I clicked it and before my eyes the text all appeared in English - absolutely amazing - I am chuckling to myself I bet to most folk they would think yeah and..... to me its just brilliant - I am so darned glad I installed the google tool bar - have never bothered looking before what it does but wahey I am grateful for it now...I am of course going over to the ladys blog to tell her how amazing I think her blog is and how I have very cheekily borrowed her pictures to share with you guys - I really hope she doesnt mind if she does I will be back to remove so feast your eyes quickly - just in case - ttfn (hope she has a google tool bar to translate my message!!)


Count Every Blessing!!!

I went to a car boot at Hemswell Antique Centre last year and bought some orange pine shelves for believe it or not 50p.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them...until ping - light bulb moment - and off I went - sanding and painting, more sanding to distress Laura Ashley style on the corners.  Then dug out my prima chipboard letters..didn't like the pattern so peeled the surface off, covered with free wallpaper samples from B and Q, more sanding and then I inked the edges - some strong twine to hang it with and of course a little touch of red gingham (my favourite) and voila.... who noticed I didn't have enough E's left - so improvise, adapt and overcome that is one of hubby's motto's left over from his Army days...I adapted the 3's.  Was it obvious???

Don't you just love the primitive wooden signs that you can get out in America - I would so love to visit even if it was just for the craft shops alone - think the children would prefer the Disney side of things - lol

This one made me smile...
Y'know if choc was slimming - my word I would be a size 8 - I wish!!!!!

I have just been surfing - no silver in sight and have come across a UK website that has primitive signs
How delightful!

OOOOH before I go - I wanted to share a couple of other things I have made..

The bunting around the mirror and can you spy my newest addition to your family - a little pressie from my hubby...May I introduce...Wilbur Griswald Snodgrass...(a name chosen for him by some of my facebook friends - it was a hearty debate!!)

He is a Gisela Graham special and I hope you agree he is something very special!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Look what I have been up to!

I made this little gift bag from a scrap of Laura ashleys red gingham - I think red gingham is my most fav fabric - EVER!!! Just seeing it makes me feel happy and girly inside. I borrowed a yo yo maker from a friend and that is how I have made the flower for this bag - thought it was so easy and really effective I have been a bought a couple now in different sizes, however the heart one I was loaned is a different story altogether - suffice to say not a success story! The circular box that I have sat it on to pose for this piccie was a pressie from my friend Lisa as part of my birthday pressie - dont think she had heard of Cath Kidston before she met me, lol! when she handed it to me she said I think its like that Cath Kidston person makes! It is beautiful - another feel good jewel amongst my treasures!

Next and before you say it - I know I am a little premature but wait....

it was a challenge set me by my elder sister who I have to say I am very very proud of - she suffers terribly with MS, but she has managed to do a b tech in arts recently and the stuff she has produced is fabulous.  ANway as I say I went to visit one day and she gave me a pressie - the tree below except it was falling to pieces and looked very sorry for itself and she said do something with that - well the top was missing for a start - it no longer came to a conical end - just stopped halfway across as if someone had cut the end off...I have to admit to being rather intimidated for a while - it sat in a box on my desk for a couple of months - then one day I got the gusto and went for it - here is the result

I have just been surfing the tinternet and found this

Isn't it totally awesome - my little princess would absolutely love to play in this - if I win the lottery I am heading over to here to buy one...until then it will have to be sheets and a clothes horse!

For the little man in my life -

Have popped it on my dream wish list for him - just here

now on my dream list for me - here are some fabrics from clarke and clarke - they are their part of their new release - dont know if they have hit the shops yet???

here they are - put to good use

wouldnt you just love this to drive around in????

Back soon with more tales and piccies - ttfn xxx