Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cath Kidston Sew Book and Shed Envy!!!

A few piccies to share with you today - this is Toby - I am brand new to sewing - really not sure which way is which but enjoying the journey - MOST OF THE TIME!!!  Well I traced this lettle fella from this Cath Kidston Book- and sat all day attaching my tracing to various bits of fabric and then cutting out and sewing - I am really chuffed with how he has turned out - havent got any further though as in I havent attached him to anything other than my scanner that sits on my desk at work in my office - he sits there and makes me smile when I look across - I wonder if visitors to our office puzzle over why this crazy lady has him sitting peeking out the scanner - but hey do I care - he makes me smile and that is what matters!!!!!
 Ok on to my table now I hope you will bear with me - this is what it looked like a couple of weeks ago - along with the accompanying chairs. Here's me thinking I will take before and after pictures...oops nope I have just gone to view my piccies and  have realised I have taken the before of the table....
and an after of the chair so am slapping my wrists and promise when I get a mo I will take a follow up of the table but until then - here is the chair

I have gone with Culprinol Garden Shades - Lavender and Country Cream. I have done the garden bench that sits at the front of our home and the table and one chair out the back - still no I am not going to count how many more chairs I have to do - need some better weather before I pick my paint brush up again - would love to do the garden shed too - have serious garden shed envy after seeing some of these........

this ladys blog is here

Then I found these on the google

then onto one of most favourites - you will need to click on the link but it is sooooo worth it - shed envy - whoa - where do I start

Did you visit - did you - wasnt it just soooo worth it!!!!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your little appliqué dog is so cute - I am sure he will be the first of many. Love all the fun sheds you have found - just delightful!

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Oh my goodness! I have visited, and now *I* have shed envy :0)
How lucky are those children?!

Thankyou kindly for popping into my blog a while back. I gave up trying to comment on blogs 'cos blogger was playing up, but hopefully it's going to carry on working now.

Love your dog that that you made. And your Lavender and Country cream chairs. Sometimes it's nice to see makeovers in colours other than white :o)

I read you profile, and Congratulations on losing 4 stone! That is an amazing achievement, and I have weight loss envy too!
I'm struggling to lose mine at the moment.

I just recently got back into sewing, and I love it!
I used to make cards and do tons of scrapbooking, but crochet and sewing gradually took over (crochet easy to take to hospitals for in the waiting rooms ;o)

Have a great week,
Donna x

Glen said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures Elaine. I have spent thousands of £££s just browsing! *Ü* Love what you did with your corner unit. I am not a lover of wooden anything. I see it painted and remodelled! LOL. Good luck with your extension. I can't wait to see the photos of when it is finished. ~Glen~

Anonymous said...

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