Wednesday, 27 February 2008

27 Feb 07

Well I have been busy tonight - one my closest friends has become a grandma this week - (very young Grandma - had better put this in case she reads this lol!!) so I have been busy making a card for her and also a Mothers Day card for MIL (Mother in Law) must get that in the post first thing - her pressie went today. Will show the Grandparents card below but dh has wrapped the Mothers Day card already - so cant show that one unfortunately.

Also have a lovely layout to upload - made by a lovely lady on Scrapitude - we all took part in a layout exchange and this was what was created for me by the lovely Charlene of Texas - Charlene if you do happen to drop by - its so beautiful - am really pleased - thank you hun

Anyway enough twittering on - will get on and see if I can upload these two items as promised - toodleoo for now

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Hello everyone

..and welcome to my little corner of the world - well I figured I would give this blogging lark a bit of a go - mainly so I can record my own ramblings and so when the days are getting a bit too confusing ..I have somewhere I can go and say oh Yes thats what I did last week - no seriously I haven't lost the plot - well not quite anyway.

Any spare time I have I am either creating a card or putting a layout together - not bothered about being on any dt or such like - nor getting any of my bits and bobs published (wahey that sounds a bit rude) ....nope I scrap for my own pleasure and to record the lives of my lil monsters as they grow up. If I am not scrapping I am usually at home here..
or tuned into UKS here

I have also through being a member on Scrapitude found my way to another yummy site and quite fancy having a go at some of the challenges hence my creation of this blog really..somewhere I can link back to - being a working Mum I dont know how much I will record my thoughts and creations - no promises but will give it a go..ok - thats it for now - had better go and see whats happening with number one son as it has gone awfully quiet - usually means mischief!!