Tuesday, 24 August 2010

broken bones!

Update to previous post - fun farm didnt turn out as well as I had hoped = it resulted in 5 hours stuck in accident and emergency at the local hospital - a wheelchair and a walking frame and a potted foot and leg later
My little princess fell of the little climbing wall in the little childrens area - thick padding everywhere but she still managed to break the bones in the top of her foot - bless her.  We are going away very shortly for a few days - father in law is soont o be 60 and has just retired from his job as Managing Director of a large haulage firm in the North of England - to celebrate there are 30 of us going to Haven in the Lake District - guess who wont be going swimming now!!!! Poor little pumpkin!

By going flat out out cleaning and working all Friday and Saturday, I did actually manage to get some time this Sunday to work on my project - here's the before and the almost there point

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fun Farm

Off to the fun farm today - no I havent gone loopy loo - its a play place for the little ones - the kids can play and the Mums can have a cuppa and  chat - aah lovely - back soon


Friday, 13 August 2010

Home sweet home bag and the joy of being a Mom!

I am tired - I went to bed at 3 am no I wasn't out partying I was sat at the sewing machine in the conservatory with the rhthymic rain pattering on the roof - and I was playing - I followed a tutorial loosely to make the bag and then from there well I just kinda went with it - I played like a kid - trying this and that and finally ending up with the other - and I really enjoyed it until I looked at the time and it was almost 3am - a quick tidy up of the scissors and pins - in case the kids got up before me - what am I saying in case - should have said WHEN - as they are always up early!  Didnt put all the fabrics away though..anyway this is what I came up with

I found this today - it sure is an interesting read
How many of us - look at magazines and covert the perfect body - moan about our tums or our hips and things - if only we could have better boobs - slimmer waists - y'know the thing - well read this and be proud of your womanly shape - especially the transformation it has undergone in the 9 months you were incubating that gorgeous little baby of yours

The Shape of a Mother Blog

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Tilda Christmas Book - I made a gift bag!!! Yay!

My neighbour brought this book across for me to have a browse through and oh my word its beautiful
Here's a tutorial for some fabulous Christmas Gift bags - so adorable....
Here is the Christas Gift Bag Tutorial
A Close Up

and this is what I made - I didn't want to do Chistmas just yet

Ta-da.....I love it - learnt a lot whilst doing it - and hopefully it will turn out better next time but I am pleased with it - not sure the ribbon is the best for it - my friend who is coming over this evening knows how to do a round braid cord - may see if I can learn that - think it may be better with that...so much to learn!

Off to do some baking with the children now - Chocolate Orange Cake and maybe a Lemon Drizzle too!!!!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Cushioned in Comfort!!!!

I have fancied trying patchwork but for someone that couldnt sew a button on - well it was just out of the question...or was it - with the help of my friends Jackie and Vera..I managed to do the one with the red and white gingham border - then on my own - totally I have done the other one - not come out too bad  (as long as you dont look too closely!!!!!!)

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Visit to Cath Kidston Shop and link to 1 Hour Bag Tutorial

Just back from a few days away with the family - Bracknell and then Worthing Near Brighton - we called at the CK shop at Bicester and then again at the shop in Windsor - even my little girl loves CK things and got the mug that you can see with her pocket money (start them young in the finer things of life - lol!!!) Don't really know what I am going to do with it all yet, but it was definitely a need rather than a want - lol!! Most of the fabrics were £12 a metre rather than the usual £15 = BARGAIN!!  The two at the very front... the red and the blue with labels on are tea towels but I understand you can make all sorts with a tea towel - pretty and gorgeous quality too.

Have come across a blog this morning by a lovely lady who shares her fab tutorial for making a really pretty bag - only takes an hour to make apparently - I think I may just give that a whirl

Well we have washing coming out of our ears at the mo but at least the cases are unpacked and dh and the children are at Tescos at the mo. Going to a BBQ later today so had better get ship shape in a mo - maybe just a cuppa tea before I do!!!! Naughty girl!!