Monday, 30 March 2009

scrap like you mean it - week 13 and pencil lines

I have quite gotten into the scrap like you mean it challenges - they give the old mojo a bit of a kick start - this week it was about incorporating stamping into your layout - hmmm well I haven't played much with my fancy pants stamps so thought it was time to break them out and I also saw this sketch on the pencil lines blog -

so I decided to give them a bit of a mix up and this was the result

Friday, 27 March 2009

yummy candy

Look at the Easter Candy below - How scrummy!!! Here is the link

magnolia easter candy - on the gorgeous blog .......

I love the title of this next blog - and again another very generous lady

wow wow wow

look at this fab blog and gorgeous candy fabarooni and wow look at the ladies scrap room - fantastico

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Scrap Like You Mean It!! Week 12 on UKS

I have started taking part in the scrap like you mean it challenge on uks - week 12's sketch is here

and here is my intrepetation

the red ribbon isn't actually as crooked as it appears on here

If you want to join in - here is the link

The other layout I have just completed is here

Both layouts have been completed using Laundry Lines paper available from the fantastic Indigo Mill

Visit to Dunelm Mill

Well I had a little visit to Dunelm - wanted to see if our branch had started selling cardstock yet - nope - apparently it is only the newer stores - we will get it eventually but probably tail end of the year. Anyway I had a look around whilst I was there - would have been rude not to wouldn't it - anyway look at these beauties

aren't they gorgeous and the length of fabric flowers in each was worth the £2.99 price tag alone - really cute and then I saw this it was a slight gamble as it was wrapped in cellophane and you couldnt see what it was really but for £1.99 - what do you think

and inside

lots of card pages with pockets followed by sheets of lined paper - great for thinking on the go - have started putting things at the kids say and do on scraps of paper in them and quick sketches so that when I come to sit down and scrap I am ready to go - well thats the plan at least of which I have made a start

Then to finish off my visit - I had to have a new oilcoth for the table in the conservatory - we replace it quite often and I do like something a bit zingy - thought it was rather cute

I returned quite happy with my little purchases!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

uks scrap like you mean it challenge

Over on UKS there is a fabric challenge set by the group Scrap Like You Mean It - well I am supposed to be packing and cleaning up but hey ho - I saw it and knew I had a bag of scraps and suddenly felt inspired - so grabbed a 12 by 12 canvas and the bag of scraps - found a piccie and here is the result

I am rather pleased with it - need to borrow hubby's diy stapler later to tidy the back up but yeah - my only concern is when you look at it - does it look as if the kids are saying we love you or is it as intended - We Love You (from Mummy and Daddy) I think what I will do is sign inside the frame on the back

Thanks for looking - why don't you have a go and show me what you come up with. I have loved playing hookey this morning and playing with fabric and glue

Here is the link

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Cheeky Smiles

Talk about cheeky smiles - these piccies always cheer me up when I look at them

and one that always twangs my heart strings

I remember this one being taken - Emmie was just a few months old and totally adorable.

The picture was taken of her in her grobag although you cant really see it - well it makes me think back to getting the grobags - when we bought our son home from the hospital and it suddenly dawned on us - this was it - it was down to just us to bring this little fella up and be totally responsible for him - my oh my - that was a scary but heartwarming moment - well anyway I digress I was always worried about him when I went to sleep at night - he would be beside me in the moses basket so close I would lay my hand on him - we would swaddle him in a sheet and a blanket just like we had been shown in the hospital - we did this for about 5 months but by then he was starting to wriggle a lot more and it was time to go into his own room into the big cot - oh my - I kept having visions of him going under the blankets - anyway after a bit of thought and a chat with a neighbour I had a search around the internet and found these

so totally amazing - from then on - that was what I used all the time with both of my two.

They were absolutely fantastic - you could feed them their night feed in them - unzip the bottom half and change their nappy and clean them up and they could still feel snug. You could even travel with them depending what sort you got and then when you arrived at Grandmas - all you had to do was lift them out of the car seat and into their cot and familiar surroundings made them settle so much easier

I was quite sad when they outgrew them - but like a lot of things - it was a milestone - a sign that they were getting bigger and as much as we want to freeze moments in time - we have to let them grow too. I guess that is why I love my scrapping - taking the pictures that I do - freezes that moment in time not only in my heart but on paper too so when I am old and grey and losing my marbles I can hopefully look back and remember a perfect time

Sunday, 15 March 2009


My hubby bought at the end of last year for me a Papernations Decoupage set - its got loads in and is very cute - I think I have done one card with it - decoupage isn't really my bag and I do not have time what with all the scrapping I am trying to get done - my cards and the photography courses I am going to be taking soon. So rather than it sit there being unloved I thought I would look for a better more loving home for it - there's lots and lots in the kit

here we go - some piccies

Mothers Day Cards

Mother in Law if you happen to be viewing this post (which is highly unlikely but just in case you are )STOP!!!!!

I know my Mum won't be thats for sure!

Ok this is what I have been doing this afternoon whilst everyone has been watching Nanny Macphee

It was the challenge that is on Rosie Dees Blog that spurred me on to do them.

From there I went on to make these two

Our visit to Waitrose through a 5 yr olds eyes

a wave from the friendly baker

isnt the packaging gorgeous let alone the scrummy contents

I dont know where my daughter gets her sweet tooth from - LOL!!!

Look there is even a piccie of the lovely checkout lady she was really friendly with us - the children thought she was great

everyone got a cake or a giant cookie to bring home = unfortunately there was no way of getting a piccie - they were eaten too quickly apart from mine which I had once the shopping was away and the little ones had gone to bed - and then I savoured it with a cuppa

Keep trying something different

I like to keep having a go at something different be it playing with alcy inks - embossing powders - scraplifting different styles or playing with paints and bubble wrap - I had so much fun doing these last night

The red letters are felt thickers - love them - the word create was white chipboard that I have painted creamy yellow, doodled in red marvy plumes and the blue is the american craft glitter pen - the and sign started life as a patterned chipboard symbol which I peeled smoothed and again attacked with the american craft glitter blue pen - so much fun - so much texture - loved doing it

I have only just started doing this but I love the effect it gives - lay a piece of double sided tape onto your cardstock or paper and then pucker your ribbon on to it - gives a lovely dimension to your work

finally finished the next one

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Good Morning All

I was so chuffed this morning when I logged on and found I had some comments waiting for me - thank you so much - it has really cheered my day - have been so busy this morning - have been cleaning for last hour and a half - so thought I would treat myself and have half hour on here - dont you find it is so addictive - I sit down and start reading - and hopping from blog to blog and I get so much inspiration from everyones work - it fires me up to go and get started.

Anyway the last few days I have had really dirty fingers - why?? because I have just taken delivery of some more alcy inks and distressing powders so have been sat playing

Here are a couple of bits that I have made

Have you seen this fabarooni blog candy - have to be quick though it is being drawn tonight Isn't it fantastic!!!

and wait theres more - here is another very kind lady with some stunning candy

here is her blog

Sally has some super candy too on her blog

and valid until 31st of this month - one this amazing blog

is the following blog candy

The kindness of fellow crafty bloggers astounds me - thank you