Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Cheeky Smiles

Talk about cheeky smiles - these piccies always cheer me up when I look at them

and one that always twangs my heart strings

I remember this one being taken - Emmie was just a few months old and totally adorable.

The picture was taken of her in her grobag although you cant really see it - well it makes me think back to getting the grobags - when we bought our son home from the hospital and it suddenly dawned on us - this was it - it was down to just us to bring this little fella up and be totally responsible for him - my oh my - that was a scary but heartwarming moment - well anyway I digress I was always worried about him when I went to sleep at night - he would be beside me in the moses basket so close I would lay my hand on him - we would swaddle him in a sheet and a blanket just like we had been shown in the hospital - we did this for about 5 months but by then he was starting to wriggle a lot more and it was time to go into his own room into the big cot - oh my - I kept having visions of him going under the blankets - anyway after a bit of thought and a chat with a neighbour I had a search around the internet and found these

so totally amazing - from then on - that was what I used all the time with both of my two.

They were absolutely fantastic - you could feed them their night feed in them - unzip the bottom half and change their nappy and clean them up and they could still feel snug. You could even travel with them depending what sort you got and then when you arrived at Grandmas - all you had to do was lift them out of the car seat and into their cot and familiar surroundings made them settle so much easier

I was quite sad when they outgrew them - but like a lot of things - it was a milestone - a sign that they were getting bigger and as much as we want to freeze moments in time - we have to let them grow too. I guess that is why I love my scrapping - taking the pictures that I do - freezes that moment in time not only in my heart but on paper too so when I am old and grey and losing my marbles I can hopefully look back and remember a perfect time

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