Thursday, 19 March 2009

uks scrap like you mean it challenge

Over on UKS there is a fabric challenge set by the group Scrap Like You Mean It - well I am supposed to be packing and cleaning up but hey ho - I saw it and knew I had a bag of scraps and suddenly felt inspired - so grabbed a 12 by 12 canvas and the bag of scraps - found a piccie and here is the result

I am rather pleased with it - need to borrow hubby's diy stapler later to tidy the back up but yeah - my only concern is when you look at it - does it look as if the kids are saying we love you or is it as intended - We Love You (from Mummy and Daddy) I think what I will do is sign inside the frame on the back

Thanks for looking - why don't you have a go and show me what you come up with. I have loved playing hookey this morning and playing with fabric and glue

Here is the link

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Rosie (Freycob) said...

This canvas is great Elaine!