Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Visit to Dunelm Mill

Well I had a little visit to Dunelm - wanted to see if our branch had started selling cardstock yet - nope - apparently it is only the newer stores - we will get it eventually but probably tail end of the year. Anyway I had a look around whilst I was there - would have been rude not to wouldn't it - anyway look at these beauties

aren't they gorgeous and the length of fabric flowers in each was worth the £2.99 price tag alone - really cute and then I saw this it was a slight gamble as it was wrapped in cellophane and you couldnt see what it was really but for £1.99 - what do you think

and inside

lots of card pages with pockets followed by sheets of lined paper - great for thinking on the go - have started putting things at the kids say and do on scraps of paper in them and quick sketches so that when I come to sit down and scrap I am ready to go - well thats the plan at least of which I have made a start

Then to finish off my visit - I had to have a new oilcoth for the table in the conservatory - we replace it quite often and I do like something a bit zingy - thought it was rather cute

I returned quite happy with my little purchases!

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