Wednesday, 27 May 2009

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Monday, 25 May 2009

Afternoon All

I got weighed yesterday and yippee - I have lost 1/2 stone in the last fortnight - so that is a total of 2 stone 12 lbs so far - yippeeee - I do have to confess I had a little celebration evening - had 3 slives of cheeze and tomato pizza and some of the kids sweets when I went to the cinema to see Night at the Museum 2 - have you seen that - it is fantastic - anyway if I stepped on the scale now it may say I have put a pound or two back on - but hey ho - have been doing this for 52 days and have had two treats along the way - one was when my friends Rosie and Dee were here the weekend before and I had a couple of indian nibbles - 5 in total but they were only small and then this mini blowout - but hey if I am to keep it going I need a little reward now and then.

anyway have a look here -

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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Quite Proud

Sorry it has been a little while since my last confession ---oops I meant Blog Update

I have been busy - as you know I made a decision to do something about my weight - have been unhappy about it for what feels like forever - kept blaming having a baby - my goodness - my baby is now 5 and then I blamed comfort eating after losing my Dad - well that was 15 months ago so anyway I thought enough is enough and off I went to visit Lighter Life - almost a mortgage later here I am well on my way - I have lost so far a total of 2 stone 5 lbs. I don't know how much I want to lose - guess I will feel inside when enough is enough - but am definitely not there yet. I am however feeling more positive and it is fantastic being able to get into more clothes and also pretty underwear.

This spurred me onto do something about my fear of needles/injections and on Thursday I gave blood - something I thought I would never be able to do - so yeah I am quite chuffed with things at the moment. All I have to do now is face my fear of cats

I have done a few crafting bits just recently and here they are

We went to Pennells garden centre yesterday - a favourite place of mine - not the outside part where all the plants are but inside - in the gift section - so much eye candy - anyway I bought three green glass flowers and played with them when I got home - here are the results

I also saw a gorgeous little lime green wooden bird and did this with it when I got home

I got a lovely surprise the other day - my friend bought me a present to say thank you for being there for her - which was so sweet and wow when I opened it up I was bowled over - look at how beautiful this is

It is from Monsoon and can't you tell - I just love their products - usually have to wait until the sales are on though as they are soooo expensive.

The other nice thing that has happened to me is hubby bought me a present - he went to Asdas and found these lovely jars - for just a pound each ..I of course have spent most of today rearranging my embellies

I have to try and get it all tidy as I have two very special friends coming over to stay next weekend and it will be crafting and chatting all the way - can't wait!