Monday, 25 May 2009

Afternoon All

I got weighed yesterday and yippee - I have lost 1/2 stone in the last fortnight - so that is a total of 2 stone 12 lbs so far - yippeeee - I do have to confess I had a little celebration evening - had 3 slives of cheeze and tomato pizza and some of the kids sweets when I went to the cinema to see Night at the Museum 2 - have you seen that - it is fantastic - anyway if I stepped on the scale now it may say I have put a pound or two back on - but hey ho - have been doing this for 52 days and have had two treats along the way - one was when my friends Rosie and Dee were here the weekend before and I had a couple of indian nibbles - 5 in total but they were only small and then this mini blowout - but hey if I am to keep it going I need a little reward now and then.

anyway have a look here -

how very kind - this lovely lady is from a fab new forum I have just joined - it is run by lovely ladies - and is really warm and inviting - why not pop over

quirky crafts


Deanne said...

woo hoo elaine, your getting there girl :) really proud of you :) xx wish i had your will power (post me some lol)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

FANTASTIC Elaine!!! No wonder you're chuffed!