Tuesday, 24 August 2010

broken bones!

Update to previous post - fun farm didnt turn out as well as I had hoped = it resulted in 5 hours stuck in accident and emergency at the local hospital - a wheelchair and a walking frame and a potted foot and leg later
My little princess fell of the little climbing wall in the little childrens area - thick padding everywhere but she still managed to break the bones in the top of her foot - bless her.  We are going away very shortly for a few days - father in law is soont o be 60 and has just retired from his job as Managing Director of a large haulage firm in the North of England - to celebrate there are 30 of us going to Haven in the Lake District - guess who wont be going swimming now!!!! Poor little pumpkin!

By going flat out out cleaning and working all Friday and Saturday, I did actually manage to get some time this Sunday to work on my project - here's the before and the almost there point

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Amy said...

that looks fab! Hope your daughter's on the mend x