Friday, 13 August 2010

Home sweet home bag and the joy of being a Mom!

I am tired - I went to bed at 3 am no I wasn't out partying I was sat at the sewing machine in the conservatory with the rhthymic rain pattering on the roof - and I was playing - I followed a tutorial loosely to make the bag and then from there well I just kinda went with it - I played like a kid - trying this and that and finally ending up with the other - and I really enjoyed it until I looked at the time and it was almost 3am - a quick tidy up of the scissors and pins - in case the kids got up before me - what am I saying in case - should have said WHEN - as they are always up early!  Didnt put all the fabrics away though..anyway this is what I came up with

I found this today - it sure is an interesting read
How many of us - look at magazines and covert the perfect body - moan about our tums or our hips and things - if only we could have better boobs - slimmer waists - y'know the thing - well read this and be proud of your womanly shape - especially the transformation it has undergone in the 9 months you were incubating that gorgeous little baby of yours

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I love this little bag. Looks great!! - PootleFlump x