Saturday, 7 August 2010

Visit to Cath Kidston Shop and link to 1 Hour Bag Tutorial

Just back from a few days away with the family - Bracknell and then Worthing Near Brighton - we called at the CK shop at Bicester and then again at the shop in Windsor - even my little girl loves CK things and got the mug that you can see with her pocket money (start them young in the finer things of life - lol!!!) Don't really know what I am going to do with it all yet, but it was definitely a need rather than a want - lol!! Most of the fabrics were £12 a metre rather than the usual £15 = BARGAIN!!  The two at the very front... the red and the blue with labels on are tea towels but I understand you can make all sorts with a tea towel - pretty and gorgeous quality too.

Have come across a blog this morning by a lovely lady who shares her fab tutorial for making a really pretty bag - only takes an hour to make apparently - I think I may just give that a whirl
Well we have washing coming out of our ears at the mo but at least the cases are unpacked and dh and the children are at Tescos at the mo. Going to a BBQ later today so had better get ship shape in a mo - maybe just a cuppa tea before I do!!!! Naughty girl!!

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dizzytina said...

love your CK finds. The 1 hour bag is really easy to make i have made loads of them. infact i have just uploaded pics of one today on my blog x