Monday, 23 May 2011

Look what I have been up to!

I made this little gift bag from a scrap of Laura ashleys red gingham - I think red gingham is my most fav fabric - EVER!!! Just seeing it makes me feel happy and girly inside. I borrowed a yo yo maker from a friend and that is how I have made the flower for this bag - thought it was so easy and really effective I have been a bought a couple now in different sizes, however the heart one I was loaned is a different story altogether - suffice to say not a success story! The circular box that I have sat it on to pose for this piccie was a pressie from my friend Lisa as part of my birthday pressie - dont think she had heard of Cath Kidston before she met me, lol! when she handed it to me she said I think its like that Cath Kidston person makes! It is beautiful - another feel good jewel amongst my treasures!

Next and before you say it - I know I am a little premature but wait....

it was a challenge set me by my elder sister who I have to say I am very very proud of - she suffers terribly with MS, but she has managed to do a b tech in arts recently and the stuff she has produced is fabulous.  ANway as I say I went to visit one day and she gave me a pressie - the tree below except it was falling to pieces and looked very sorry for itself and she said do something with that - well the top was missing for a start - it no longer came to a conical end - just stopped halfway across as if someone had cut the end off...I have to admit to being rather intimidated for a while - it sat in a box on my desk for a couple of months - then one day I got the gusto and went for it - here is the result

I have just been surfing the tinternet and found this

Isn't it totally awesome - my little princess would absolutely love to play in this - if I win the lottery I am heading over to here to buy one...until then it will have to be sheets and a clothes horse!

For the little man in my life -

Have popped it on my dream wish list for him - just here

now on my dream list for me - here are some fabrics from clarke and clarke - they are their part of their new release - dont know if they have hit the shops yet???

here they are - put to good use

wouldnt you just love this to drive around in????

Back soon with more tales and piccies - ttfn xxx


Mary Poppins said...

What a lovely gift...I keep meaning to try out a yo yo maker, on my to do list. I do like making them up but want something that may save time a little. Thanks for the lovely comment...I kind of have a thing for pretty bags...mind you what girl doesn't
;0) xxxx

Bee happy said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, now I get to see your sweet blog! Just wondered, how did you hear about me?

I think we could be sisters :) I love your film choice and taste in music. The fabrics are so beautiful, and I would love that car!! I don't see what's wrong with sheets and a clothes horse, I grew up making these :0)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Alessandra said...

Lovely ideas here! My daugher would love that gazebo as well, Your bag is sweet as!