Wednesday, 5 January 2011

valentines swap

Well Happy New Year to all out there in Blog land - sorry I have been absent for a wee while - ok quite a while - have been mega busy chaning jobs and then had wretched flu for a while - anyway here I am again - if there is anyone there still reading - if not I shall carry on in my own little world

but for those that do pop by - I have been directed to a lovely lady's web site - and she has a fab swap coming up - how lovely to have something to look forward to after taking all the decorations down


PootleFlump said...

Of course we are all still reading. Good to have you back in blogland!! x

Amy said...

Hi, I'm your swap partner for this swap! Looking forward to it. Amy x

danemi1 said...

Thanks Amy - have you done this before - am looking forward to it - what sort of things are you into - all crafts or just sewing - please tell me more about you - is there a limit to the spend do you know - I know on UK Scrappers there's usually a guideline - really exciting - thanks again


Catherine said...

Hi Elaine
Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Yes I am totally thrilled I won the charity auction Cath Kidston bundle.
Loving your blog so far too -) we have a lot in common . . .
I have a Tilda Easter swap coming up xxx