Monday, 9 June 2008


Good Morning All

Well I should be at work this morning but my darling boy had a bit of an asthma do yesterday and is still feeling a little under the weather so we are having a lazy day on the sofa and I will go into work as soon as hubby comes home from work. He is currently watching scooby do the movie - he loves it bless him.

Anyway yesterday we went to the Lincs Police Open Day and whilst we were there we were given a few freebies - pens - balloons- hand puppets for the little ones and also some erm what can I call them well like a business card but with a magnetic backing so last night I decided to have a play and this is what I have done with them - had quite good fun actually

Not quite sure where I am going to put them all but once I got started it was a bit addictive - lol!

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Jazzy1972 said...

These are so cute and it is so great to see you back hun, I shall keep popping in for updates, you know where I am if you need me. Hugs Jay xx