Thursday, 13 August 2009

Oh Stupid Me!!!!! Google Profit Club AAAAGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Money is a bit scarce at the moment like so many people just now. So when I saw the Google Profit Club - a way of earning money from home using the PC I thought well I am on here so much anyway why not give it a go. It was £2.49 to find out more and I thought oh well its the cost of a drink at the pub (something we do about once or twice a year - go out!!!) and its done on a credit card so hey why not - I asked hubby and he agreed. So paid the nominal amount and off I went to read the reams and reams and reams and - you get the picture!!! Needless to say I thought - oh that was a mistake - oh well - I didnt want that beer/drink anyway and put it down to experience.

Hubby gave me a letter from the bank yesterday - the company have kept taking money out since then and apparently they can continue to do so until you can get hold of them to cancel - strangely enough and I know you will find this hard to believe but whenever you ring Amercia to speak to them - they are not there and a voice says please call later and hangs up.

I sat here until the wee hours this morning researching other folks fates at their hands and to see how they managed to solve it - some have sent emails but most have added that they wont do anything from an email only an actual conversation which is aaagh as you cant get tos peak to them.

Someone said register your card as lost but we cant do this as we have already told them what has happened and they are not stupid they will know we havent.

So here I am sat in tears venting this on here - cos needless to say hubby is fuming with me and I am so angry at myelf I consider myself to be fairly savvy - ok ish!! but how on earth was I so stupid to get sucked into this - y'know what your mom always said...If somethings appears to be too good to be true it usually is'!!!!!!!!!

So folks if you see anything with Google Profit Club - click that x button on the top right hand corner of the screen QUICK and avoid like the plague

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silvercustard said...

Hi elain,
big bummer on that one hun, hope you get it sorted ok love xxx