Sunday, 20 September 2009

Busy Making Cards

Have been so busy just recently - with the school hols and then the children returning to school and all the activities starting up again. I do kickboxing - the children do it on another evening of the week - my son does Badminton and Beavers and my daughter wants to start gymnastics. My oh my - I run a craft club once a week from home and squeeze 20 hours a week in at work - where of where do I find the time to craft but if I dont I am like a bear with a sore head - I definitely think its an addiction - I always feel so much better when I have been cutting and sticking - lol

Anyway just recently I have had a thing for making cards instead of layouts - here's the results

That is for a close family friend who has just been in hospital - get well soon Kath!

I have two friends who are expecting a visit from the stork very shortly - not sure if its gonna bring girls or boys - you watch now I have made 2 girls and 1 boys cards - they will both have boys!!

I found the instruction on how to make this double tag card on Utube in the early hours of this morning when I couldn't sleep - hang on - will see if I can link them to here
Have tried - I cannot do it direct but if you click on here - this should work

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