Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Kitchen Dreams!

Ideas whirling around in my head - not sure if the kitchen will be in the extension or if we will put it at the front of the house where the lounge is now and put the lounge in the extension - and my craft room would be along the back of the bungalow pretty much where it is now but extended - ohhhhhhh its scrambling my mind so to drag me away from all that - here are some piccies from my kitchen dream file - hope you enjoy
Isn't the island totally wonderful - so different - a real gathering place don't you think?
Love the light
 like the new england look
like the tall cupboards at the back then the island in the middle and then the table and benches in the foreground!

love the bi fold doors for this one - we seriously considered them but the builder put us off them as he said its an awful lot of weight on one set of runners - people often get problems with them unless they get really decent ones which would probably cost us about 5k - ouch!!! He suggested we get a large set of double doors and maybe have a full length window at either side of them!
 Wonder what size room you would need for this - I think in my heart I would like something like this - , units a large island and then somewhere for family and friends to gather around a large table - homework - coffee - candlelit dinners ...whatever the occasion!
love the fresh colours - the lightness and the shapes in the doors
 Love the height of the wall units - in fact to be honest being rather tall I always find normal kitchen units a little low (I get backache) I would love love love to have them base units a bit higher than normal! 
 Love this!
 Who needs an Aga to have a kitchen mantel shelf and check those boxes out - you can chalk on the front - whats inside them - the kids would love them - I would too!
 Love the little spice drawers in this!
 Gorgeous gothic arches

Lovely seating area in rather a grand kitchen 
 I can just imagine the kids sat tying their shoes at this bench - gonna have to get a cute dog like this though to complete the picture - lol!!!

devil is in the details

natty notice-board

totally adore the ditsy crockery!
nifty space saving idea!
Another Clever Idea!
places for little stowaways


Handmade Hannah said...

I love everything here! We must have the same good taste! In my dreams I would have it all :)

Linda said...

Mmmmmmm love them all to, which would you choose though?
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such lovelu comments x

Michelle said...

OH Now I want to throw my kitchen in a skip and start again!!!!

fatmonica said...

I'd have them all!A house full of kitchens!

Claireliz said...

Oooooh, if I win the lottery this weekend I'm buying a big house & having a new kitchen in Farrow & Ball style colours :D A girls gotta dream lol

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

You have the most fabulous decision to make!
They all look gorgeous, and I can't wait to see what you go for.

Sounds like you had an awful lot to put up with when you moved in though:(

Have a great weekend xx