Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Here we go....

The build starts tomorrow - well seeing as its now 8 mins after midnight - this really is Day 1!!!!!
How do I feel...heart thumpingly terrified and excited all in one!  We went to the outlaws this weekend and whilst we were there we finally bought a kitchen...it was from a really swish kitchen showroom..we were lucky enough to get an ex-display complete with top of the range appliances.  There's the odd little fault but nothing major apart from a scratch on one door but the chap has ordered us another door.
We have been playing around with designs and been to so many different kitchen places..Ikea (several times) Jacksons, B and Q, Wickes, Magnet and Howdens - to name just a few - the hours I have spent playing around with the Kitchen Planner from Ikea - it is really useful having that tool at your disposal!

Anyway here are some sneak previews....

The Island which there was a bit of damage to the ending strip and a teeny tiny mark to the top edge - we are going to be reducing the width anyway and the chap has ordered us a new piece of edging strip - so hopefully that's that sorted.  Also the gas hob is being swapped for a Series 4 5 ring induction hob - we just need to get a stainless steel frame for it so that it will fit

Here is the run of units which are deeper than standard so even when the tamba screens are down there is still lots of worktop left to use..we are having the dishwasher and sink unit at the left hand side followed by the runs with the tamba units on

3 tall units - one on left is a integrated Kuppersbush fridge freezer with a siemens oven in the centre and we have negotiated a price for a Siemens combi microwave to be fitted in above it - they are going to cut the door down so that the two can go one above the other and still be safe/look right

and next are some lights from Ikea that I would like to have over the island - not going to have a hood - will probably go with an extractor on the wall


Quirky Boots said...

looks gorgeous honey, i know how you feel too, we are living with brick dust at the moment! nightmare but all will be worth it. cant wait to see the finished kitchen x

danemi1 said...

Awww thanks love xxxx