Monday, 28 May 2012

Kitchen Stuff

Card making has taken a bit of a well earned rest at the mo. We finished having the extension built the week before Christmas..

we were maxed out then with the festivities and getting life back to normal. We decided to get the en suite done in the Summer.

Time rushed by at it's alarming rate, before I knew it we were halfway through late one night I stood up, hauled the ladders through and climed up high with my purple paint brush and finished the cutting in of the Cadburys purple against the rest of the rooms ivory cream.

The wax came out and I finished staining the pelmet above the door and the window sill. Ended up going to bed as the sparrows were stretching.

Over the next couple of days I started the chairs ..they went from this....
...To this

I had primed them with the fab ESP, then given them a coat of Laura Ashley Scarlet Red paint, left them outside to dry and walked..yes walked to school to collect the Children?.amazing I know but am really trying to watch the figure.

On the way home the heavens opened

and it poured it down. I said to the children it's ok our skin is waterproof which of course is true but my poor old chairs... the red had definitely run

I had to wait til the next day and sand them back and start over!

They reminded me of Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream!!!

and then from Raspberry ripple with the help of hours of sanding, prepping and lovingly painting again - they now look like this....tada!!!!.....

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