Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Centre Parcs

Here are a few layouts from our trip to Centre Parcs in January to celebrate Ems birthday - finally got around to scrapping them

Heres Robin Hood and Maid Marion at the Sheriffs Banquet - what a brilliant evening but how embarrasing too in a funny way - Em was sat on my knee during the stage show and Guy of Gisbon came onto the stage (rather good looking I may add) Emmie said Look Mummy that man hasnt got any hair - everyone heard and I mean everyone including him he couldnt help but stop what he was doing and he laughed(luckily) I think everyone laughed bless him - bless her - but oh no he got his own back five minutes later they needed a volunteer to go up on stage and dance with the jester and with him - I didnt get a lot of choice I was frog marched up there lol!!!! Needless to say I am definitely not putting those photos up on the blog - hubby delighted in snapping away with my camera - meanie!!! Anyway we had a great evening - one to certainly remember and remind her about when she is older!!!


Sally said...

I think you should be sharing the photos of you!

crissi said...

fab photos Elaine.
oh by the way you guessed my song right so can you email me your addy please matey so i can send you a little RAK as i dont think i still have it.

Hugs crissi xx