Friday, 11 July 2008

Look What we Have Been Doing Today

Days to do are getting few until my princess starts school - I do not know where the time has gone but one thing for sure - every Friday (my day off) we are spending lots of quality time together - last week we got dressed up and went out for lunch in a restaurant in town and then did a spot of girly shopping including nipping into a photo booth for some piccies to be taken - what a giggle. Anyway the weather today is poor to say the last - very very wet - so we decided to stay home and we have baked and baked - first on the agenda was

Smartie Cookies - oh so heavenly - found the recipe online - yummmmmmmmyyyy!!! Had to prise a few almost out of ems hand - ha ha no only joking had to give her a little box of them to keep her happy otherwise she would have been eating the mixture out of the bowl.

I often wonder if Emmie is going to be into photography when she gets older - she is always grabbing my camera and catching me unawares - lol!!!

Heres the end result - can you smell them - oooohey they are lovely - think once the boys get home the only thing that will be left is a plate of crumbs ha ha

and of course what is the best thing about baking at home with Mom - yep - you get to lick the bowl afterwards - I used to love doing that with my Mums baking

then after baking the little cakes - it was time for the fun part - the icing

Here is the final result of all our hard work today - anyone hungry!!

I didnt dare take a photo of the kitchen - although I have got it cleared up now - thank goodness

Chocolate Battenburg - I nearly fainted when I went to get the marzipan which I had forgotten to buy earlier.....£2.89 for one box of marzipan - HOW MUCH!!!! I had no choice but to buy it - I had already made the cake - aaaggghhh!!!

Chocolate Orange Cake - the chocolate we have used is Dairy Milk Chocolate - y'know the one in the purple wrapper - ooohey I am putting on weight just looking at it all

After the amount of money I spent on the marzipan I certainly wasnt going to waste any - so I added some orange extract and covered it in milk chocolate - stuck it in the fridge and voila - a yummy treat for later

We were so busy baking we forgot the time and was almost late going to collect Daniel from school - so a very quick journey up there and an encounter with the cascading rain or should I say bucketing it down - aaagh - anyway once we got dried off - heres my boy enjoying some spoils

Can't be bothered to cook tea now - Lee is picking some thing up from the chippy on the way home lol!!!!


Flossyjamba said...

yummy your cakes look wonderful elaine!! I'll have a slice of battenburg please. mmmmmmmmm

Dawn said...

Mmmm this looks scrummy!!