Sunday, 7 December 2008


Well I am just the luckiest girl - my Secret Santa on UKS has reallllly read my likes and dislikes posts - everything I have opened so far I have absolutely loved - I think she is terrific

Here is what I have got so far

I have opened so far a Thorntons Alpini Chocolate Bar - my absolute favourite!!! Needless to say its not present in the picture - a set of Studio G Stamps - little journalling ones - they are sooo cute - a sweet little diary, a pack of Bind it all Covers and also a pack of some inners, a Thorntons Chocolate robin on what looks like an alpini log and today I have opened a Tim Holtz embossing powder - I am absolutely thrilled with it all. There was even a pack of chocolate buttons for each of my children and another box for me to open anytime - box of choccies for my hubby and I ..I am 99% certain that my Secret Santa is the lovely lady that I sent to last year - so Claire aka feline - thank you - you are the best!!!! Love ya

We had a busy weekend this time around - the outlaws came and we all went to the Christmas Market in Lincoln. We also put our tree up - look


Claire aka Feline said...

Bugger...found out, yep guilty as charged lol.

Aww I'm so pleased you are lovin' your presents, its gives me a great feeling knowing you love everything...but you are a day missing :o

Your chocolate log was with your Christmas Day pressies, so you still have number 5 to open...if the tag has come off its a long 12" type thin one which feels funny...have fun :)

Debbie said...

Hi, got my mug of tea but no cookie :( Your Secret Santa goodies look yummy....and your tree look beautiful. You have a lovely blog and I will be back to visit you again soon. Debbie x

silvercustard said...

trees looking good hun!!! i havent put mine up yet, or done my cards or any shopping!!!!!

your so good x

Stephanie Parsloe said...

Luvverly tree, and very cute Elves too! lol

You're a very lucky girl, and for future reference (and chocolate buying) alpini is totally my favourite too, closely followed by viennese truffle (not that I would know all the thorntons chocolates off by heart! lol)