Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Today I

took the day off - it didn't look good for the children to be able to go to school so yesterday I thought I'd plan in advance and took a days leave for today. This morning, saw the school was open and thought I would take advantage of the situation and have some time to myself - things have been so crazy just recently. I intended to get lots of scrapping done but aaaagh instead I have spent the whole morning updating my dt craft blog - it just wouldn't seem to go where I put it - text kept jumping all over - photos wouldn't show and then were so big they drowned everything else - aaagh - I am trying so hard not to be a technophobe but aaaggghhh grr and breathe.

Today I..... saw that the lovely Rosie had given me an award - thanks hun..here it is...

hmmm now what do I do with it - pass it on I guess - like a smile pass it on and it spreads and spreads into one big smiley!! ...SO here we go..

It is my pleasure to pass this along to 5 other cyber-friends who have touched my life. It's a great way to show someone that you appreciate them; what their support means to you; and how you appreciate them.










I know I said 5 - guess I can't count - tee hee chuckles!!

Today I ...am sat in my craft room with Jessica

laying near my feet quite contented. Did I tell you we took her to the vets last week and she is indeed a Jessica and not a John or a Jimbo. It was rather funny actually - when we came out of the Vets - My son said to me - Mummy that was gross - what was Darling - that red thing he says - what red thing son - when the man lifted Jessica up to see if she was a boy or a girl - Yes darling (bearing in mind they are more at eye level where as I was stood up holding Jessica) well he lifted Jess to look - this red thing came out of her bum Mum and it was gross!!!! What do you say to a comment like that! I had to smile

I have got craft club tonight although we are a member short this evening as Jacqui is working down south today - it is nice to get together with like minded people - ok so they are not into scrapping but I do get to see a range of other crafts too - such as goldwork, embroidery, watercolour painting, etc etc the list goes on - they do all sorts and every Tuesday we sit around the table in our conservatory crafting, chatting and drinking tea!

Last night - we had snow - our back lawn was covered so the children and I set to and started to make a snowman - luckily Daddy came in from work soon after we had started and came to help


Claire aka Feline said...

Smashing photos of your friendly looking snowman...its been fun hasn't it with more expected, fingers crosssed.

Thanks for my reward, I shall get round to displaying when I find the rest of my hours in the day lol.

KimmyS said...

Oh I love those photos hun.
and thank you so much for the award it's much appreciated.
Smoochies xx