Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great Easter! We went to the outlaws and had a really lovely time. We got to see family and friends and had time to chill out together - the weather was gorgeous

Here are some piccies

We decorated eggs and made easter bonnets

Our neice Amy joined in too although I think she felt a bit daft putting it on - so we compromised at this - lol!

Em and I baked some jam tarts - aaaaaagh they smelt so good - I am on a diet though so smell is all I could do - sigh!

Grandma helped them make some little easter cakes with yummy little eggs on top - my favourite
Our cousin and her gorgeous little girl

DD with Aunty Tammy's designer sunglasses - Didn't manage to get any piccies of Uncle Darren - there is always next time!

Here is a rare thing - a piccie of my gorgeous hubby - I don't very often get the chance to take his piccie - he is such a darling - most of the time - lol!

Time for bubbles - everyone loves bubble - regardless of age don't they??

Easter Monday we always have a treasure hunt for the children - we hide the treasure all over the garden - and then off they go - it has become quite a tradition

and then afterwards -

off to the park to feed the ducks

and roll the eggs.

All in all a lovely Easter - thanks Mum and Dad P from us all xxx

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