Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday news

Well my little girl went for her first sleepover last night - my golly it seemed strange not going to tuck her in when I went to bed. She had a great time - I knew she would - but oh did I miss her My friend said on Friday night that she could go and stay over if she wanted with her little one - the next morning before we got up she had packed a little bag and got her favourite toy and it was by the front door when we woke up in the morning - excited or what - bless her - anyway they all had a great time and just now she is sat at the table colouring and is quite happy with her little self

I am on lighter life and have been since 31st March and started my Saturday classes yesterday - had been away every weekend before so had been weighed in on a Tuesday - anyway to cut a story short - I have lost 22lbs so far - not bad - quite pleased - but still a way to go

My fantastic husband has been taking on most of the cooking duties when he is at home which has certainly made things easier, He is cooking roast beef for dinner today and Mum is coming over - I will no doubt have a soup or a shake or maybe go whole hog and treat myself to a peanut bar - yummy scrummy!! I have just had my porridge and mixed in a little banana shake with it - it is so filling - and believe it or not really tasty

OK - back in a mo - just going to photo the two layouts I have done this weekend

Well - I will be back later - to have a go at rosie dees challenge and also to give you some info where you can get some cricut carts at a most reasonable price - watch this space!

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Rosie (Freycob) said...

YAY!!! Emmie. Said she'd have a fantastic time with her friend.