Sunday, 21 June 2009

broken toe

Guess where I have been this afternoon - the hint is in the title - yep A & E in Preston. I went to my friends house in the week - and was that busy talking to the children, I walked into one of those metal stand things (only 8 inches high) that props a door open - ouch I nearly cried - my ickle toe really hurt - then yesterday when we went to Glashoughton my ds and I crossed paths and he accidentally stood on my toe - well it has been aching like I dont know what - even woke up in the night with it - I can still walk though no problem so have just been wearing toe posts leaving the tender area uncovered. Anyway on the way back today from QVC outlet at Warrington (which incidentally was a complete waste of time) I asked hubby where we were going and he said hospital - seconds later we pulled into A and E - the waiting board said 2-3 hours wait and I thought OH NOOOOOO...but half hour later we were back on the road - the nurse practioner had a good old look and a prod and said she was sure it is broken but as it is the little toe there isnt a lot that can be done - so take ibrufen and paracetamol and she strapped it to my next toe. We are going to Centre Parcs tomorrow and have a spa session booked for Tuesday night so I started to panic but as long as I am careful she said it would be ok - phew.

Other bit of news - I have now lost 3 1/2 stone - yipppeeee and when we went shopping yesterday I got into my first paid of size 14 jeans - yayyyy so excited -long time since I have bought jeans that size - just hope I can keep it off now - still want to lose some more but am happy where I am at the moment - first time in a very, very long time that I have been able to say that!


Deanne said...

oh honey congrats on the size 14's :) and ouch re the toe :( bless ya lol have a lovely time at center parcs :) xxxx see you soon

Cazzy said...

Ouch on the toe, can empathise as I did it often when younger but it never got strapped, didn't bother going in the end.

Well done on the amazing weight loss.

Cazzy x

Cazzy said...

Hi Hunny, I need your address to post your candy to you please.

Cazzy x

brenda said...

Hi there, thank for visiting me and ur lovely comments.

Sorry to hear about your toe, I broke one of mine a couple of years ago and ended up with plaster to my knee, so at least you've been spared that.

Well done on the wight loss, isnt it brill to get into smaller clothes. I lost three stone last year, mind you through diabetes, not dieting, but still feel like wearing the '14' label on the outside.

B x