Sunday, 5 July 2009

New Layout

Well it has taken me most of the day in between lots of interruptions from the family and little turns in the pool but it has been so hot here - anyway - have finally finished playing with my blog - what do you think?? Was looking for a fresher looker - something more summery and alive....Well anyway I will live with it for a few days and see how I go

I have not had a lot of time the last two weeks for crafting as we have been on holiday to Centre Parks in the Lakes - fantastic time and then since being back have been catching up at work and home and dealing with a swine flu scare at the children's school - one of the teachers is off with it - poor woman.

Anyway I have given my bootie a shake and got crafting this weekend and have done my circle journal ready to post on Monday for Quirky Crafts forum. I really hope other peeps think it is ok too - took me quite a while and quite a bit of playing - have tried different distressing techniques with it - and am now ready to pop it in an envelope - already excited at the prospect of getting it back all filled in - seems ages away but I bet it goes fast

Anyway let me go and find a couple of piccies from our hols, in case Grandma and Grandad log on to have a peek at our delightful duo

This is where we went

Here they are after winning the sports challenge - well done guys

really proud of you - as always

The boys went creep crawly spotting with the forrest ranger Dan spotted the first toad of the season - the Ranger was really impressed with him and on his return he brough me a stem of beautiful wild flowers that he had found - Just for Mummy - my heart melted

Whilst the boys were having male time Em and I went to ....

have our hair braided

and our nails painted

Think the creepy crawlies and the walk tired Daddy out - he had a head massage when he got back - here he is look

All for now

despite asking our young man time and time again if all of his homework was done and despite being told absolutely yes - he has now found some at bedtime before he starts back at school tomorrow - guess who is banned from playstation for 1 week - aagh boys - will be boys!! _ back later with more piccies

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silvercustard said...

Looking good hun!! ( thats you and the blog!!)

have updated your link on my blog, we must get together soon, miss you xx

Love Claire xx