Tuesday, 21 July 2009

School Pressies

Last week was aaaaaagh busy - had all the teachers pressies to make - birthday cards to do and also a new baby book for work to make - and I was in a fabric atc swap on UKS - which I had been intimidated by and stupidly kept putting off - why oh why do we do these things - I signed up for it as it sounded (and was/is) so lovely but I cannot sew a blumming button on - I am crazy I know. I was fine until I saw one of the lady's set of atc's and thought oh my goodness mine are awful compared with those. (I found out later that she was a professional seamstress!!)

Anyway when the pressure was on I got going and actually ended up loving doing it so I can safely say this one really took me out of my comfort zone but I am pleased I did it
Anyway here is a piccie or two of what I made last week

The top two little boxes are presents for the ladies in the admin office - one is just a couple of lip glosses and the other is a strawberry candle. The two books are for teaching assistants - the books are just lined books so they write all their little notes inside. Mrs Picketts one has a piece of really touchy feely material on - kind of a ribbed chenille

the two candles I bought plain at Ikea and have just prettied them up - there is a lovely little girl in my daughters class who is deaf - she has two ladies who work with her on a one to one basis - one works two days and the other three days (I think) but they also help out in class and Em loves them both - really nice ladies
Miss Stumms Note book is for the teaching assistant in my boys class and the brown/rust note book is for Em's favourite dinner lady

The gold and red book is for the head - (Who it turned out that day had balloons all around her door - she was 50 on Friday)

The next two are exploding boxes for the two lovely ladies themselves - the teachers - Mrs Metheringham and Miss Wells. Will be sorry to move on from their classes - they are both lovely ladies

and finally here are the atc's that I made

It is now the school holidays and I doubt I will get much scrapping done during the week as I am going to be working in the evenings mainly - humph!!

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rozzy said...

gorgeous projects... the teachers will be over teh moon with the pressies... thanks for stopping by and saying hello at the Crafty pad Challenge Blog, it was lovely to 'see' you... I'm on Debbies DT.. but when i popped over here I noticed we are sort of 'neighbours'...well may be about 30 miles apart...I'm between lincoln & Boston...what a small world we live in :)
Hope you will take part in some of Debbie's Challenges and I'll catch you again.
You have a wonderful family and have some great photos :)
hugs rozzy xx