Thursday, 8 March 2012

Adventure training and Colour Combos

Well hubby is currently working away and the other man in my life - my 10 year old son has gone on his 3 day adventure training trip with his School. It will be the longest we have ever been away from each other - I am missing him but as long as he is happy which I am sure he will be then I can put up with the three days.

I had intended on crafting with my little girl after school today but when I collected her she was sneezing and coughing - her little eyers were so red - she didnt even argue about not going to Brownies ..instead we settled for her favourite tea - cheesy pesto pasta and then a duvet snuggle on the sofa watching Mamma Mia.  Some girly time together (just wish my little Princess felt a lot better)

Needless to say I haven't got any crafting done today  (heart just isnt in it so blog hopping around for inspiration - for tomorrow evening maybe. (Roll on Friday when the two men in our lives come home.)

So without further ado - here is what I discovered on my journey just now as I do love colour combo challenges - have just found the following sites that I plan to return to for inspiration

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