Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring has sprung!

The clocks have changed - thank goodness - now when I go and collect the munchkins from Cubs and Brownies I wont be doing it in the dark - the village hall isnt very well lit which I hate - so yay for Spring.  Beautiful daffodils bobbing around all over the village - think they always look so sweet with their yellow hoods on bit like the old fashioned caps a baby would wear for a Christening with lace all round the front! Here are the ones my bamibos picked for me today - normally we say dont pick the flowers let everyone enjoy them but when they came in this evening with these for me and we do seem to have an abundance of them in our village - I took them and placed them in water - they are like drops of golden joy to me - because they were given with love and with pride!

After tea this evening I decided seeing as the weather was so beautiful I would take advantage - no no no not in feet up, book out and a glass of something chilled - huh I wish!!!  No I got the window cleaning spray and my fandabby cloths out - and have done all the front of our home until it gleams - yay.  Now lets hope we get another day this week so I can do the back - but the conservatory well that may take a bit longer - lots and lots of windows in there!

On the crafting side of things I have joined a lovely little group of crafters on facebook and we have each month to do two x atc 2 x postcard and 2 x tags - each with different themes

ok should anyone from the group be reading this - dont think so but just in case dont look at the piccies below or you will spoil the surprise - lol!!!

Anyway for the atc's - the theme was Spring
The theme for postcards was friendship

and for Tags - the theme was Paint!!!!

I really enjoyed getting my hands all covered in paint and generally playing with textures - applied the layers of paint and then sponged some bits off and took some off with a textured paper towel - I of course did all the paint on top of pages torn from an old book, once the paint was dry - I inked the sides and tore paper flowers inked them up - generally I had a good play and got totally filthy but hey hoe...oh and plenty of sari ribbon!


I entered one challenge this weekend and its here - it is a sketch one

here is what I did - I really quite enjoyed it - thanks Card Sketchers - top challenge

I am quickly this evening making a Good Luck in your new Home card - will pop back with a piccie of that tomorrow when its finished - TTFN xxx

edited to add = finished....

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Anna-Karin said...

Gorgeous projects! Love the Easter flowers. Thank you for playing along at Card Patterns!