Sunday, 11 July 2010

Drawers Makeover!!!

I bought these drawers from a lady at work for a tenner last week you can just see the sander on the floor (didn't know that had sneaked in the photo - it was very sunny when I took the picture and couldn't quite see what exactly was in the viewfinder)

Here they are now.......

The children think that the window ledges in the conservatory are for dumping - pens and pencils - books and scraps of paper etc etc on - well I spent an hour or two on Friday - splitting things into groups and assigning each group a drawer - then hopefully they can find things and I get clean window ledges - what do you reckon to my chances - lol - gotta try though eh?

On another note - had a busy busy weekend - the family have had 3 parties this weekend - Emmie went to a pals party at a play place yesterday lunchtime then off we all went down to Henlow to see our dearest friends Howie and Avril - I have been friends with them and their whole family for just over 20 years - they are like family - family that has been handpicked - I love them all so it was fabulous to spend time with them - the weather was beautiful - the food fab and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Today was pay back time - the children were both ill last week with a bug and I had time off to look after them which meant I had to work at night rather than in the day so time was very very limited - oh my word - how the washing had built up in just a couple of days - I spent from 0900 to 1400 washing and ironing and then we had friends coming at 1630 for a bbq - so quickly threw a summer fruit crumble and a lemon drizzle together and also the pasta and aubergine bake (recipe below) Lee got the barbie on - we put the pool up today as well - oh and in between Daniel went to a school pals laser tag party - I am now sat down feeling rather pooped. keep thinking I should be making a start on another dining room chair but nope I think my bed is calling me and its call is louder!!!! Have a great week everyone xx

Oops before I go - something else to share - I made this recently with lots of help from my friend as I can't sew for toffee ( she has the patience of a Saint!!!)


Mande said...

Love the drawers. I need to do something about our lack of organization in the kitchen. The kiddos toys are taking over the house. xo

bibbitybob said...

They are gorgeous and such a good price - I'm very jealous!!