Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Slimming World Recipe Auberge and Pasta Bake

Doesnt this sound fab - I have just found it on the Slimming World Page - me thinks I am going to have to try it soon - have just bought 3 Aubergines so what am I waiting for

This mighty meat-free delight is perfect for Green days. With lots of creamy mozzarella coating delicious pasta you’ll never know you’re slimming!
Serves: 4 Syns per serving: Free on Extra Easy, Free on Green*, 15 Syns on Original**Add 6 Syns if not using cheese as a Healthy Extra

1 tsp Marmite 1 onion 2 garlic cloves 454g/1lb tomatoes 284ml/½ pint passata salt and freshly ground black pepper 340g/12oz penne pasta fresh basil leaves 170g/6oz mozzarella cheese 1 aubergine

1. Dissolve the Marmite in a pan with 284ml/½ pint boiling water. Chop the onion, garlic and tomatoes and add to the pan with the passata and seasoning to taste. Bring to the boil, reduce the heat, and simmer for 12 minutes until slightly reduced.
2. Meanwhile, cook the pasta according to the packet instructions, drain and refresh under cold water, then add to the sauce.
3. Place half the pasta in an oven-proof dish. Top with half the aubergine and scatter over some basil leaves. Repeat with the remaining ingredients. Slice the mozzarella and place on the top. Season to taste, then bake for 20 minutes until the cheese has melted. Serve hot with a huge crispy salad or Free chips.

- well actually tonights tea is taken care of - have made a slow cooker sausage casserole - it has lots of spinach, courgettes, carrots, new potatoes, celery, stringless green beans, oodles of garlic and onion, handful of mushrooms - am hoping lots and lots of homemade goodness - no processed stuff in sight - hope it tastes good - I have to be a bit devious as son is starting to say dont like this and that - he doesnt like mushrooms so I blitz them along with the spinach and then I know he is still getting the goodness - he eats it and loves it - ignorance is bliss!!!!

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Hello and thank you so much for your visit and sweet comment to my blog. I so enjoy it when someone new drops by to say hello.:o)

The slimming pasta sounds so good! I love pasta and this recipe sounds like a winner for sure. Your slow cooker casserole sounds delicious too, and know the family certainly enjoyed it.

I sure hope you drop in for another visit soon. Take care and enjoy a most beautiful weekend.