Sunday, 4 January 2009

Our Christmas

Playing catch up now - this was the 19th Dec - the day that the little ones broke up for the holidays from school - we took them to a Christmas Disco at Brewsters - it was fancy dress - they had great fun
Meeting Brewster!

A couple of days left then to get readyf or Santa coming - lots of shopping and wrapping - singing and playing - making sure we were on the nice list not the naughty!!

We had decided to get our very first pet - Daddy wouldnt agree to a dog so in the end we agreed on a lionhead rabbit - one of the Mum's at school was looking for some loving homes for some. We were ging to surprise the children on Christmas morning but in the end we thought it might be too much excitement so we all went together Christmas Eve afternoon to collect Jessica and here she is...
The children were amazed that we could take her home and that we could keep her - it was lovely

Later that evening whilst the children were having a bath - the elves snuck in and this is what they left in their bedrooms

What clever elves and what perfect timing - brand new pjs and dressing gowns and nice new comfy slippers - the excitement was beginning to mount - the whoops and the yeehas were building - would they ever sleep that night....not before their preliminary visit from Santa and here he is arriving
Time for a pressie each and a quick cuddle before Santa has to carry on with his preparations - if the children stay well behaved and go to sleep..he will come back later - He reminds them first to leave something out for Rudolph and maybe a glass of milk for him - he can't have anything stronger as he is driving!!

So that's the tray ready .....
and now to guide Rudolph to our home - we have got the reindeer sparkle dust ready to put outside on the garden near our signs that Grandma and Grandad got us

rightyo - off to bed.............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Early the next morning.....

a quick inspection of the tray and a feel of the stockings hung on the end of the bed and HE'S BEEEEN!!

Opening our stockings with Nanna before we wake Mummy and Daddy

Into the lounge and look there's more!

A small break to have a drink and something to eat - and sort the dinner ...then back for more - how many Star Wars things can a little chap have - never enough lol!!!

I have been wanting this all year - thank you - yay!!!! What got Daniel so excited - his table pressie.......the Play Station 3 - Lego Star Wars 2

Mums friend Thelma came over in the afternoon for an hour - and then in the evening we played board games

Cranium Cadoo - this is good fun - you have to draw, sculpt or act things out or run around the house looking for certain items before the egg timer runs out!

Lee's favourite game - KER PLUNK!!!

and our absolute favourite - Uno Extreme - haven't got around to taking any piccies of this yet - have been too busy playing it!

That was Christmas - our first without Dad - we did ok - Mum, Emily and I went up to see him and I took him a drink of his favourite - Apple Schnapps - Mum said I couldn't leave the glass so after a few mins I lifted the flowers and poured the drink down - I think he would have appreciated it. I had a glass with him - must have looked liked a plonkey with a bottle and a glass - hiccup!! Tee Hee. Cheers Dad wherever you are - Love Ya x

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silvercustard said...

my oh my love looks like an exciting day!!!! sounds like you had a fabby christmas love, and the kid look so happy.... lots of scrapping to do now so you'll be bussy till next christmas then !!!