Thursday, 22 January 2009

visit to hospital

Had just finished chatting to Steph and Rose on line about our fun packed weekend thats happening this coming weekend - just logged off and the phone rang - it was Mum sounding in a lot of pain so I got dressed and got in the car - half an hour later an ambulance was on its way and again I was chasing an ambulance - last time it happened was a year ago when Dad was taken in - we lost him a year ago on 28th Jan so revisiting the hospital in this way felt rather eerie. Anyway after a night in a and e I was told to go home about 0430 - Mum was on a gurney in the coridoor there were no beds - shock!!! this is the NHS what else could I have expected! Anyway I eventually went home a couple of hours later I was getting up and taking the children to school - My hubby luckily had got the children ready before he left for work and then only woken me at the last minute - bless him. Dropped them off - went and packed a few things for Mom and off again to that place! She was on the Emergency Assessment Unit and only got moved twice whilst she was in there - the good thing was I was able to stay with her all day - they had wondered if it was pancreatitious or however you spell it. The Doctor came though and saw Mom - she said you havent had a urine test - I informed them she had - it was apparently not written down in her notes or sent off for analysis. SO she had to do another one. The Doctor was very nice and apologised and to be fair she was wonderful - so calming and very kind which helped a lot - it was hard for Mom to be in the same ward that we had visited Dad in so many times. She said she would get a presciption written up for her for the pain. Quite a while later one of the nurses came and did Moms bp - think it was the new shift that had just come on duty - the nurse commented on the fact that Mom hadnt need any pain killers and how was she feeling - Mom and I well our mouths dropped open and we explained that we were waiting for the medicine - a few mins later along it then came - theyd forgotten. Anyway they were trying to get her in for a scan - she is still waiting now!!!! Hopefully she should be on the lsit for this morning!!! They have now moved her to another ward which is a lot quieter there are only 6 on it and they are all ladies which is great - only drawback is I am not allowed to visit until 1400 today! The Doctors think it is kidney stones which I understand is very painful but hopefully they should be able to deal with this quite quickly - anyway I am going to have a bit of a tidy up now and maybe an hours sleep so will sign off now



Rosie (Freycob) said...

Sending you and your mum loads of hugs Elaine. Take care xxxx

sewsimple said...

Sending you lots of hugs also to your mum as well .Thinking of you