Sunday, 4 January 2009

Boxing Day

We ran out of time yesterday - it had gone dark before we had time to show the children their main pressies - so we decided to save them until today

We said we would show them Jessies hutch - so went to the garage - mind you with me being armed with my camera - I wonder if deep down they twigged something was going on or perhaps they are so used to me having it around my neck - the camera - that is!

Madam all along has said she would like a Barbie Bike with a seat on the back for her baby and she wanted sprinkles coming from the handlebars - so thats exactly what Santa brought for her - Mummy even went and bought the special sprinkles for her as the bike wasnt made with them......would you believe - Christmas Eve she decided she wanted a little mermaid bike!! Santa already had the Barbie one packed on his sleigh! Luckily she has not said a word about it - not s single word and she seemed really happy with the one that he brought - phew!!!

Wer had a lovely bike ride around the village - Mummy Daddy and both monsters but booooooy oh boy - was it cold!

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Rosie (Freycob) said...

Looks like they both had a wonderful time on their new bikes Elaine!