Monday, 14 June 2010

A day at Edinburgh Zoo

We had a few days away in Edinburgh and whilst there decided to go to the Zoo although as Emily kept reminding us - there were no elephants or snakes there a fact that Aunty Eloise had told her - think she was a bit disgruntled she wouldn't see either but what we did see more than made up for it - we saw zebras, lions and tigers monkeys, rhinos and penguins amongst lots lots more but for me one of the nicest parts of the day was witnessing the close relationship you have as brother and sister - sometimes!!!!

We saw you holding hands and walking along together chattering away

playing together

I love being part of this family - even when you are arguing and being little monkeys - you still give me this wobbly feeling in my tummy - being a Mom and a wife is just the best thing EVER!!!

relaxing in the beautiful sun cuddled up together - precious moments
and then - oh my goodness.........
both children had wanted to go up in the trees and before I knew what was happening I had said yes not realising it would be me going up with Emily as she was too short to go on her own - Lee usually does that sort of thing - but he asked and I couldn't say NO - what do you mean couldn't say No - had you forgotten Elaine - YOU DON'T LIKE HEIGHTS!!! Anyway up we went -
Daniel first....Then Emily...and then MoiI don't think I really knew what I was letting myself in for - when you got really high up - it was like a 50p piece only a lot lot bigger and around each outside piece there was a different rope or plank to walk across and then after that each part was split into segments and they all had different challenges - OH MY GOODNESS - I got across the first and then froze - I looked at Lee who was busy underneath snapping away with the camera (including pictures of my bottom as I discovered later - Needless to say those photos didn't make it onto here!!) I looked and mouthed I don't think I can do this - I then looked at our beautiful children - Daniel was having a blast and he was gaining speed and Emily was quite happily starting to catch him up - how could I let them down - if they could do it - I could do it for them - although I have to say the fight or flight sensation was almost eating me up but my love for them pulled me through it and Emily and I completed a full circle around it - every step for me was an almighty challenge - I have never been so pleased to get to the other side of something - Emily and I then came down - even helped a little girl en routebut our young man Daniel stayed on there for another 45 minutes - so, so proud of our children and my word did they teach me something up there - they silently gave me the courage to face a real fear head on!!!A fabulous day - totally exhilarating - one that will stay with me for many years to come - I just had to snap a shot of this huge sign that I saw - very, very beautiful and rather poignant!

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