Monday, 14 June 2010


Yesterday we used these
and with the help of two eager little angels

we made

for this wonderful man

my hero - such a kind and wonderful man - who has just completed a marathon and the reason he did it - support a mate and to raise money for a little lad with cancer. I was so worried about him - he hasnt done anything like this for years and the mad fool he hadnt done any training other than switching from lager to cider!!! lol (his words) He got to 23 miles and started to really struggle - his knees went but as he said he was so close to the end he was NOT going to give up and he calls me determined - HE DID IT - well done baby - so proud of you my love XXXX

He wouldnt let us come to the finish line - he is shy bless him so we decorated the front door - made a cake and put candles on - the kids drew lots of pictures and we awaited his return - hot bubble bath and bacon, sausage, egg and mushrooms and a cuppa tea at the ready

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