Saturday, 12 June 2010

Morning all!!

Can't believe I woke up - ping - wide wide awake at 0415 - oh my goodness - that is too early and could I get back to sleep - not on your nelly could I. It was the school fete last night - beautiful sunny evening surprisingly - the kids were full of it - bumped into various friends - very nice - on a more sad note though - was told of a lady that I quite often pass the time of day with at hometime whilst waiting for the little ones to come out - she had gone for a minor op on Monday - Sinuses I believe - whilst there had a heart attack and she has gone - just like that - leaving a hubby and two young children - youngest being only 18 months old - how terribly sad - everyone was stunned at school - you just dont expect it do you - really makes you realise how precious our time here is - yet we continue to take it for granted - think I may well be taking a bit more time to stop and smell the roses now - give the kids even more cuddles and appreciate all that is around me - we spend so much time worrying about work things and other stuff - when really we should be living it to the full

Well what are we up to this weekend - DD has a birthday party to attend this morning I still have to mae a card yet - maybe thats why I have woken so early - best I go and get a wriggle on in a mo - then tomorrow two things are happening - dh is taking part in a marathon (cross country) has he done anything like this before - OH YEs - but I am really worried as it was before we met and we have known each other for 18 years - he is taking part to support a work colleague who is doing it to support his Dad - very nice of them both but crikey I hope he is ok but he will not listen - says he is only walking it and not in a rush to get around - what can I say - he is determined to do son has a church parade during it in the village here where we live - he is in the Cubs and its Cubs on Parade - bless him he is so proud - oops that reminds me had better make sure the uniform is washed and pressed - wel with that said and done had better go - it may be early but there is always stacks to do - have a great weekend all!!!

Afore I go - will just share with you a couple of beautiful blogs I have recently found

these talented ladies have beautiful homes and love love love what they can do with stuff - drools!!!


Phew I have done it - card made and pressie wrapped - should I go back to bed for an hour or paint the bathroom - ceiling is done in there and one coat on the walls - hmmmm - will I be grouch pants if I dont get some more shut eye - will tidy up my cuttings and glue etc and then ponder about that one

here is the card - hope she will like it - she is a self confessed tomboy no hope its not too girly - what do you think?


sisimao said...

財富並非永遠的朋友,但朋友卻是永遠的財富。 ............................................................

Traci said...

Love the embossing on your card - it's just awesome!