Friday, 17 February 2012

Fleximarker giveaway

Oh my word - I have just been doing a bit of blog hopping - feel like a frog - lol!!!
I have come across a fabulous blog and my eyes nearly popped out of my head - this wonderful lady is giving away a whole set of fleximarkers - jaw droppingly wow wow wow - well why dont you enter - here is her linky Going Buggy

I have a friend coming over today Marcie and she is bringing her 2 girls with her - I am busy printing images and then having a tidy up - we are all going to sit around the table and colour said images and make cards.  My two already have the bug from me - I think its really important to explore your creative side - I still remember when I was a little girl - I always loved Christmas time when we could get the glue out and pots of glitter and get messy - but the joy and thrill of producing something that I could say - there I did that - I made this for you Mummy and Daddy. See I dont think I have ever really grown up I still like to play!

Be back later to show you some of the things that we make - TTFN - Have a good day!

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