Sunday, 5 February 2012

Normality returns

Aaaaahhhh!!!! It is 5th of Feb - not sure where the last few months have gone but gone they have and its now time to chill(chill - huh - look at the bottom of todays entry) and enjoy the results of our labour. We have a finished kitchen (apart from the blinds and the chairs that I am going to upholster - I am waiting for the fabric to go half price - its the red gingham from Laura Ashley - It often does and I just need to be patient!!!)

Still here are a few piccies of the end result

Anyway - my passion for craft is starting to sneak back in and it came in the form of PROMARKERS - decided to treat myself and yum scrum I am loving it - its basically colouring for grown ups (Ssssssh!!! I won't tell if you don't I'm not really a grown up - I am sure I will get found out one day) .......anyway this has made me fall in love with my stamps again - they have sat unloved in a tall bank of storage drawers for what feels like half an eternity. I have also been to Staples and bought some yummy paper.

A decision has been made (Where is the drum roll???) I am going to give digi stamping a go. I have sat for the last few hours blog hopping and generally surfing tinternet for digi downloads. Have printed a few and tonight I am going to sit down with said print outs and beloved Promarkers and
C O L O U R !!!!! 

On my travels I found the following blogs/places that are lovely" target="_blank">"/>>

I think I deserve it - the snow came down in force overnight - today there was a white winter wonderland - a carpet of snow as far as the eye can see. Although totally beautiful - hubby works 90 miles away and he will come hell or high water make every endeavour to go to work tomorrow no matter what - we are told the main roads are not so bad but in the sleepy little village where we live - thick thick snow We cleared our driveway, our neighbours drive way and then drove into the next village where Mum lives and we cleared hers..I am making it sounds as if it was work work work - to tell the truth it was interwoven with snowball fights, making snowmen with the children and enjoying watching them pull each other on their sleigh and making snow angels.

So back at home in the warmth - having just consumed - chicken and stuffing sandwiches alongside a lovely plate of salad and rounded off with a bowl full of bananas and ice-cream - yum scrum!!!

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